Flagship high performance single step intelligent computer sewing machine
Rotational speed : 5000
Machine needle : DB*1#9-18
Needle gauge : 0-7
Foot Height : 5.5-15
Weight(kg) : 46kg


Fulian Profile

Fulian founded in 2007, is the terminal provider suye supplies and clothing equipment, we take the "quality, innovation, science and technology" business philosophy, is committed to bring yields and products to each customer, to solve the customer's production technology and application service of high quality partners. At present most rich business throughout the country and southeast Asia, the Middle East countries, service hundreds of enterprise.

We are in the field of suye to sewing machine, automobile, home appliances and other accessories production as the center, will gradually expand to the commodity plastics development and production. Clothing equipment of a series of flat sewing, sewing series, special series is given priority to. And in 2018 after the transformation and upgrading, to high-end technology, intelligent direction, providing customers with competitive, efficient and reliable new products and technology solutions and services.

We strengthen the cooperation with ecological partners, continue to create value for customers, stimulate team potential, self innovation, realize the win-win development. Around customer needs continuous innovation, increase investment in research and development, better more new flagship product, promoting the development of clothing equipment.


Brand Stories

As innovation of science and technology in the sewing industry nova, founder of the pursuit of quality, brand personality way of life, pay attention to innovation, quality of product requirements, various brands of high-end services. And put them into the company branding, hope will small industry make it big brands, with a new marketing mode boost brand characteristics of sustainable development.
Rich is a research and development, manufacturing, marketing in a body's specialized sewing brand, is innovative in the sewing clothing industry in recent years one of the influential characteristic new sewing machine brand. Rich in the industrial aesthetics design of unique, innovative spirit, to meet new, entrepreneurial, customization and other kinds of clothing enterprises. For the future, the rich, as always, for the majority of sewing equipment customer offer superior products, services and brand experience, will rich united brand become more color rendering force, innovation, make rich union of ordinary people can afford high products.
VAST Wan Shi
"Stars in the sea, Wan Shi journey", as a new brand, the company high-end rich international vision, reshape the sewing industry domestic brands of dreams in the future. Wan Shi brand to the international market as the guidance, by the unique creativity and innovation, superb technology and application technology manufacturing for clothing enterprises to provide high-end sewing equipment products and customized services.


Enterprise Culture

Enterprise slogan: with dreams of science and technology
Business philosophy: quality, technology, innovation
Enterprise mission: to allow more partners to achieve the dream
Enterprise vision: to build ecological rich union with science and technology and service
Core values: forge ahead with all my heart
Enterprise spirit: tenacity steadfast rich company jointly


Certificate of honor


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